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Clinical trials result in 83% of participants reporting increased skin firmness within 24 hours! 96% reporting improvement in the moisturization, 92% reporting a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within just 1 week, 96% reporting a refinement in skin texture and smoothness within just 1 week and 100% would recommend this line to their friends and family.


You guys, I love this line! Absolutely everything about it!

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~ Misty Dawn

Push Presents!

Looking for the perfect PUSH PRESENT for your mom-to-be?

Maybe it’s your wife.

Maybe it’s your best friend,

or maybe it’s even a co-worker that you just love who’s made a huge impact in your life.

Either way, PUSH PRESENTS are one of the new ways to honor that mom-to-be in your life.

Arbonne offers a complete 30 Day revamping kit that any new mom would love to have! After 10 months + of her body creating new life, delivering new life, adjusting to new life, etc. this health and wellness kit is sure to help get that amazing woman back to feeling her best! She deserves it!

This kit will help detox her, replenish her, and excite her!


If you’re unsure about whether this is something she would like, just send her the link,

let her look it over and decide for herself!


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Other smaller gift options to consider:

Fizz sticks (healthy energy drink option)

Vanilla and Chocolate Ready Made Protein Shakes

(excellent protein source for a woman who probably won’t be thinking of her own health first)

Lose the pooch Kit

(don’t worry it doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging,

you won’t want to mention any sort of pooch EVER again!)

Caring for her Baby Set

Detox Spa Set (for the woman that loves to be pampered or the woman who deserves to be)


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sexy substitutes!


Swap your coke/redbull addiction for an Arbonne Fizz Stick!

Fizz sticks promote alertness, enhance cognitive performance, and promote endurance!! Packed with antioxidants and B-Vitamins!!!

Swap your “healthy” yogurt snack for Arbonne’s Digestion Plus!

yogurt is packed FULL of sugar and dairy. 

Get your probiotics and prebiotics, enzymes and MORE without the junk you DON’T need or want.

Why Arbonne?


Because your health, your body, and your mind . . .


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I read YOUR blog today!

Yes, yours.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you took a moment to follow REVAMP.

Who knows why really . . 

Maybe you’re new to blogging, maybe you’re interested in health and wellness too, or maybe you’re looking for blog followers of your own and you read somewhere that following others would get you followed, and even better, leaving a comment might get you some serious success as a blogger =)

Whatever your reason, I’m thankful you’re following REVAMP and I wanted to leave you all a note.

A note about YOUR blogs!

One, many of you are out to inspire or to learn, and I love that.

Because so am I.

Two, you guys are writing about everything from facing our cultural realities by looking in the mirror, to finding hope and gratitude, writing about how to achieve results at the gym, and finding health physically and emotionally.

Thank you.

I’m reminded by your words, your goals, and your hearts that there are many out there who are passionate and who want to share.

That isn’t always the case in real social settings.

Keep it up!

Sometimes a random blog post from a stranger sparks the flame of hope that burns as a bright fire for the rest of someone’s day.



~ Misty Dawn

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Naturally fuller, thicker lashes!

I was pretty skeptic about this one,

but once you’re in, you’re in.


I put two drops of Young Living essential Lavender oil in each of my mascara tubes, then applied as normal, and a few weeks later now, I can absolutely feel and see a difference in the overall health of my lashes.

But honestly, my favorite part is just the lovely, soothing whiff of lavender I get every time I’m applying.

A quick little treat, in a fast paced world.


~Misty Dawn

Read more on essential oils here.

To place an order, contact your favorite Young Living Rep HERE.

Other amazing uses for lavender oil.



not sure I need one other reason to drink, drink, drink, and drink more water.

but here are a few others:

water flushes toxins out of vital organs

carries nutrients to your cells

and even mild dehydration can drain precious energy

So how much?

The “drink 8 glasses a day” rule is the most popular, cause it’s easy to remember, although not completely accurate, but close.

But honestly, I have never been successful, even a little, in meeting that goal.   Thinking about drinking water 8 times a day just felt overwhelming to me.

I’ve found that refilling my 32oz bottle 3 times each day not only sounds easier, but is working for me. Some days I’ll even refill it a fourth time. I think the key to my water bottle is the large opening in the top, making super large gulps super easy, and more normal now than sipping from the side of a cup or through a straw.

Whatever your goal, have one.

Listen to your body.

It listens to you all day long.


~Misty Dawn

More here on what the Mayo Clinic has to say.

Wanna know more?

What water bottle do I prefer?

pumpkin, walnuts and almonds.

everyday I have a small bowl of pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds.

but why?

heart health

of course you know that almonds are better for you than ice cream, and that walnuts are a better choice than french fries . . but really, do you know why?

i didn’t.

not until recently.

so here’s the lowdown in a “nut-shell.”

pumpkin seeds

plant-based protein (botanically based)

a small handful provides about 15%-18% of the recommended amount of daily protein, depending on whether you are male or female. good source of fiber which supports healthy digestion & helps you feel full longer. if you’re concerned about the fat percentage, you can rest knowing that nearly all the “fat” contained in these seeds are heart-healthy mono & polyunsaturated fats.

great source of iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B3 and zinc (which supports healthy immune function and is necessary for normal taste and smell

opt for plain, dry roasted (steer clear heavy salt)


ever noticed how a walnut resembles the human brain?

great source of energy, antioxidants, incredible source of omega-3’s which studies have suggested help lower blood-pressure, cut down coronary artery disease, stroke risk and offer protection from a variety of cancers. excellent source of vitamin E, packed with many important B-complex groups, and a rich source of minerals.

to learn more about WALNUTS, this website seriously has more info than you could possibly ever read.


commonly known for their relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, coughs, anemia, and diabetes, healthy hair, skin and even dental health. but did you also know they’re good for your brain, containing riboflavin and L-carnitine both of which have been shown to increase brain activity and a decreased occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. they contribute to the overall health of the nervous system, assist in the regulation of cholesterol, bone health and the immune system. 

um, yes please.

i’m learning that my body really does want and need fuel.

making the transition from snack to fuel in the afternoons has been a change that will likely remain with me from here on out. i usually crave water while eating and afterwards, so it’s an easy 32oz down. 1/3 of my daily water intake goal. try it. let me know how you feel after a week or so.


~Misty Dawn

oh! and walnuts and almonds are actually seeds, not nuts. so technically, it’s  a seed snack, not a bowl of nuts =)

For more info on NUTS and HEART HEALTH, check out this article written by the Mayo Clinic Staff.

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Where do I buy my seeds?

Why do I have a daily water intake goal?

What is my primary source of protein?

Fuel vs. Poison